Bengaluru's Rescued Elephants Impress Park Officials With Novel Use Of Tools

Researchers on the Bannerghatta Organic Park noticed novel use of instruments amongst a few of its 23 elephants.


An itch is a pesky downside. Whereas people and primates use their fingers, canines and cats use limbs, and rhinos and buffaloes have their symbiotic “tick birds”, what do elephants have? Seems, it is their mind.

Researchers on the Bengaluru Bannerghatta Organic Park not too long ago noticed novel use of instruments amongst a few of its 23 resident Asian Elephants (Elephas Maximus) for hitherto unseen “downside fixing”.

The elephants, all of whom have been both born in captivity or rescued from temples, have been seen wrapping a stick of their trunk and utilizing it to scratch troublesome to succeed in components of the ear, mouth and stomach. These areas couldn’t have been accessed with their trunks alone or by rubbing their our bodies in opposition to timber, park officers mentioned. 

Officers mentioned this exhibits elephants have extremely developed problem-solving skills, apart from nice cognition, reminiscence and complicated social behaviours.

Lately, Sundar, a 20-year-old elephant who was rescued from a temple in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, was seen utilizing a bit of lengthy keep on with scratch particular areas in his ear and the mouth. The park officers additionally reported that his fellow elephant, Menaka, was additionally seen displaying new ability with instruments. She has been noticed reaching tough areas underneath her neck and stomach space with a twig.

“Instrument use in elephants just isn’t distinctive, however the stage of complexity varies with every elephant. A examine by Hart, et al. in 2001 exhibits how elephants use and modify branches to repel flies in Nagarhole Nationwide Park indicating that the cerebral cortex within the mind and physique ratio is bigger than that of any primate species,” park’s Government Director Vanashree Vipin Singh mentioned.

Stating that elephants have been as clever as the good apes, such because the chimpanzees and orangutans, park officers mentioned the not too long ago noticed use of twigs was totally different.

In accordance with the journal, Scientific American, elephants do not use their trunks to make use of instruments fairly often as a result of it impacts their sense of odor, which is stronger than their eyesight. 


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