Nag Panchami: Know Why The Day Is Important For Devotees Of Lord Shiva

Nag Panchami at this time: Devotees of Lord Shiva have been tweeting needs and prayers

Nag Panchami at this time: The day is critical for devotees of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. On today, within the month of Sawan, devotees pray to the Naga Devta or the snake god. Idols and photos of Lord Shiva are incomplete with no snake round his neck. Shiva is is also called Nageshwar and the snake that coils round his neck, identical to an decoration, known as Vasuki. 

Snakes have lengthy been linked with many Gods in Hindu mythology. The ‘snake with six heads’ or ‘Sheshnag’ was the car of Lord Vishnu and in response to some scriptures, the world rests on the pinnacle of the Sheshnag

Nag Panchami is without doubt one of the oldest festivals celebrated throughout India, in the course of the wet season. Nag Panchami is also called Nag Chaturthi or Nagul Chavithi. In Gujarat, Nag Panchami is noticed few days after most states and this 12 months it is going to be noticed on August 8. In Andhra Pradesh, the puja is completed simply after Diwali. 

Nag Panchami 2020 date and timings

Nag Panchami Date: Saturday, 25 July 2020
Puja Muhurat: 05:39 AM to 08:22 AM
Period: 2 Hours 44 minutes
Panchami Tithi begins at 02:34 PM on Jul 24, 2020
Panchami Tithi ends at-12:02 PM on Jul 25, 2020


Nag Panchami puja

The principle ritual is providing milk to the Nag Devta or the snake god. Providing milk to snakes is an outdated custom in India on panchami tithi and it’s stated that the ritual retains evil away. Many additionally observe quick on that day. Meals made with milk as a key ingredient can be provided as prashad to the god. 

Persons are identified to make snake idols with clay at house for puja. Milk, turmeric, kumkum and flowers are used for puja. Flowers and milk are additionally stored close to the burrows and holes the place snakes could also be discovered.

Nag Panchami and mythology

Based on Hindu scriptures Lord Shiva’s snake Vasuki took half within the Samudra Manthan, that explains the origin of amrita or the nectar of immortality. Vasuki helped each the devas and the asuras to bind him to Mount Mandara or Mandar Parvat in order that they may use him as their churning rope to get the amrita from the ocean. Vasuki is talked about extensively in Hindu scriptures and the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Within the Buddhist mythology, Vasuki and the opposite snake gods seem within the viewers when Gautama Buddha gave his sermons. In India, devotees pray to a number of snake gods on Nag Panchami. Some amongst them are Ananta, Shesha, Padma, Kambala, Kaliya and Vasuki.


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